Paris Café XXXI (Le Musset), French Landscape Painting

Paris Café XXXI (Le Musset)
Paris Café XXXI (Le Musset)


Naturally, I paint what inspires me.  Sometimes I know the reason why certain painting subjects move me, but other times I am not consciously aware of what it is.  The Paris cafe scene, like this one near the Louvre, is one such subject I find simply irresistible.

People just love sitting in a cafe, sipping espresso or doing whatever they are here for.  And everyone will agree it is a popular image of the City of Light.  Its history, character, atmosphere, aroma, sound ...  Everything or something about the Parisian cafe scene makes me want to paint it again and again.  It might take 100 or 500 paintings before I even begin to see the truth about my desire to work on this subject.  But the work is fun, I don't mind even if I need 1,000 paintings.

Paris Café XXXI (Le Musset)

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Media: Original watercolor on paper
Image Size: 10.25 x 10.25 in. (26 x 26 cm)
Mat Size: 16 x 15 in
Purchase: Sold


2 Responses to Paris Café XXXI (Le Musset), French Landscape Painting

Jonelle Summerfield
via web
Your rendering of the lighting effects in this painting are spectacular!

Keiko Tanabe
via web
Merci beaucoup, Jonelle!

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