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San Diego 100 (#27) - Solana Beach, California Landscape Painting

Solana Beach (SD100-27)

The name of this beach is Fletcher Cove (or Pillbox).  It's the one I go to sometimes to watch the waves and surfers.  Because of erosion, there's not much to walk on at the beach at high tide.  So we need to choose a time of low-tide to step on a thin strip of sand and see the shoreline miles down south.

Around here steep bluffs rise almost from the water's edge.  To me, as an artist, it is exciting to paint the strong contrast of the land and the sea.  But at the same time I get mixed feelings as I know we are fighting against time to find ways to slow down bluff erosion.

San Diego 100 (#27) - Solana Beach

Media: original watercolor
Image Size: 8.25 x 11.5 in. (on 9 x 12 in. paper)
Mat/Frame: No
Purchase: Sold

Topics: California Landscapes | San Diego 100 Project | Sold Works | Waterscapes 



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