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San Diego 100 (#24) - Sunset Cliffs, California Landscape Painting

Sunset Cliff (SD100-24)

Along miles of beautiful coastline in San Diego, many local people will recommend Sunset Cliffs as the place to watch the sunset.

But to watch the rugged cliffs glow in golden color at the end of a day or truly appreciate intricate rock formations, we would have to go out to sea.

Thanks to my surfer friend who let me use many of his photos, I was able to make several paintings, including this one, of Sunset Cliffs "from a surfer's point of view." 

San Diego 100 (#24) - Sunset Cliffs

Media: original watercolor
Image Size: 6.75 x 18 in (17 x 46 cm)
Mat/Frame: No
Purchase: Sold

Topics: California Landscapes | San Diego 100 Project | Sold Works | Waterscapes 



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