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How I Paint (2) - Procida IV

My previous post on 9/17/08 "How I Paint (1) - Las Hermanas" was received well and some of you asked me to post more.  Here’s my second on-line demo of sorts.


For this one, I use several photographs such as the ones above I took on Procida, a small island in Southern Italy.  The photos show characteristics of the harbor pretty well, but from a design point of view, not everything is in the right place, so I know I will need to move things around a bit.  How to bring out my emotions about this island and the movie filmed here will be a challenge (Read my 9/29/2008 post on Pablo Neruda for more on this).  I think working from a limited palette of dominantly cool colors might be one solution.  Words like "quiet," "secluded," "timeless" and even "melancholic" swirl in my head as I think about the atmosphere I want to project in this piece.

First I do a quick drawing, adding no tiny details but I make sure I mark clearly all the important shapes. Then I proceed to paint, mostly wet-in-wet, to cover the whole surface of the paper, establishing different scales of values.

Moving from back to the front, I define the shapes of the buildings and fishing boats.  I don't like this painting to look too tight, so I try to have a good balance of hard and soft edges.

I want to warm up a little where the late afternoon sun hits, so I lay second and third washes on the buildings, boats and piers, using a brown/orange mixture while strengthening the tonal values especially in the foreground.  As finishing touches, I put in little details such as masts, ropes and seagulls.

I am happy that my initial vision is in this final painting.  I’d love to hear your critique!

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Procida, Italy IV

Media: Original watercolor on paper

Image Size: 14.25 x 21.5 inches

Mat/Frame: No

Purchase: Sold

Topics: Boats | How I Paint | Italian Landscapes | Sold Works | Waterscapes 


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5 Responses to How I Paint (2) - Procida IV

Sharon Weaver
via web78 months ago

I am traveling to Italy in the beginning of November for two weeks and love the beautiful light that you have captured in this painting. I paint with oils not watercolor and hope I will be able to come away any work that I like. You have a great sense of composition. Beautiful work.

Linda Hart
via web77 months ago

Love seeing how you paint - fascinating!!

Please keep doing this - showing the steps towards the final painting. I

So interesting!!


June Macy
via web76 months ago


I had just printed out various pictures on the Italian Landscape and in France etc. And then I came across this 'how to' type thing. Great. This really sparks my creativity. Thanks.

Janis McElmurry
via web73 months ago

This is a wonderful painting. Love how you captured the light and the mood. This is what I am trying to learn how to do in my paintings and it is a struggle for me. Thanks for your inspiration! Jan

Keiko Tanabe
via web73 months ago

Thank you, June, Janis. I'm glad that this post was helpful for you!

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