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Joie de Vivre

Petanque (Arles, France) IV

Every time I visit France, I cannot help thinking that the French people really know how to enjoy simple things in life such as good food and conversation.  It is widely believed that they take eating very seriously and I think so, too.  I remember sitting next to a couple in a restaurant who spent 20 minutes with their waiter before they finally decided what to eat.  And the waiter was equally enthusiastic, giving full details of their dishes.  They go to their favorite shops for meat, fish, cheese and pastries instead of buying everything at a supermarket.  For breakfast, if I can have coffee and baguette with butter and fruit jam that taste real, I know I will have a good day.  During my lunch break, watching a group of men playing pétanque in the community park is more entertaining than TV.  Time seems to go slower when I walk in a small village where life hasn’t changed much for centuries.

I know my view may be biased because I am a francophile.  That said, I feel there is something to be learned from how they find simple pleasures in daily life.  Life is joyous at some times but doesn’t seem so at other times.  In truth, these feelings only reflect how positively we choose to look at our life.  But my question still remains, why is it that the same wine and bread (or whatever) can taste so much better in France than outside the country?

Petanque IV

Media: original watercolor on paper

Image Size: 7.5 x 9.5 inches

Purchase: Sold

Topics: French Landscapes | Sold Works 



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