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La Rochelle I, French Landscape Painting

La Rochelle, France I
La Rochelle, France I

La Rochelle must be one of the lovelist and the most inviting cities in western France.  During its 1,000-year history it emerged from a fisherman's village to an important seasport town on the Atlantic Coast.  Walking around the town is such a delight as many seventeenth- or eighteenth-century buildings inside the historic center have been well-preserved.  Arcades, old shipowners' mansions, half-timbered houses, Gothic-style architecture... at every turn, there's something to appreciate and marvel at.  Colors of many buildings are almost white or come with light pastel hues.  And they glow in the light that is much softer and a bit cooler compared to what one typically sees in the south on the Mediterranean coast.  But they keep shining in their quiet way until the night falls.

La Rochelle, France I

Media: Original watercolor on paper
Image Size: 8.25 x 11.5 inches (21 x 29 cm)

Frame/Mat: No

Purchase: Sold

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