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Antwerp, Belgium I, Belgian Landscape Painting

Antwerp, Belgium I
Antwerp, Belgium I

The Town Square of Antwerp is really an impressive place as it's surrounded by handsome tall buildings with beautiful architectural features.  These are guild houses.  Each has a distinct character but all are richly decorated and covered with windows in front.  Then there are the City Hall, the fountain, pubs, shops, and needless to say, people who come here to walk, drink and eat, or just relax.  The place has all the charms that would make any painter of city scenes want to try his hand at capturing a moment.

My idea for this painting was not to depict all kinds of activities and elements in this complex scene which could have told perhaps too many stories.  Instead I wanted to convey the mood of the place by choosing just one story.  For that, I focused on one element (a horse carriage waiting for riders) that I saw on the sidewalk, and simplified everything else to the point they were just abstract shapes.  Can you hear the driver saying to his horse,  "So, looks like the chilly rain has kept people indoors today"?

Antwerp, Belgium I 

Click here for an enlarged view.

Media: Original watercolor on paper
Image Size: 8.25 x 11.5 inches (21 x 29 cm)
Mat/Frame: No
Purchase: Sold

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7 Responses to Antwerp, Belgium I, Belgian Landscape Painting

via ktanabefineart.com54 months ago

Keiko, I was following your works everyday. Your paintins are magical... symply magical.

via ktanabe.fineartstudioonline.com54 months ago

What a beautiful scene, Keiko. You've portrayed it masterfully. I showed my husband this one and he commented that the subject of your paintings really shine by the way you use gray and use less detail on other things in the scene. I was so surprised that he could see that and had him read your comments of exactly the same thought process about your approach to this one. I didn't realize that my husband is such an astute observer of art!

Keiko Tanabe
via ktanabefineart.com54 months ago

Lara, thank you very much for closely following my daily paintings. Your kind words made my day! Hi Cheryl, wonderful to hear from you, and to know that you read this post with your husband. I so appreciate comments from both of you. Happy Thanksgiving!

via ktanabefineart.com54 months ago

This is so beautifully painted. I especially like the foggy breath of the horse - you can almost hear him chuffing and saying, "Let's go into the barn where it's warm."

Keiko Tanabe
via ktanabe.fineartstudioonline.com54 months ago

Thank you very much, Rhonda, it's great to have your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed this painting!

Fernando Pena
via ktanabe.fineartstudioonline.com51 months ago

Keiko, there are no words to describe the emotions that this watercolor transmit. One of your best in my opinion, congrats

Keiko Tanabe
via ktanabefineart.com51 months ago

Fernando, it is my honor to have your comment, which is always valuable to me. All my best wishes to you and your beautiful art. And thanks so much for featuring me recently in your watercolor blog.

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