Two Gondoliers, Venice I, Italian Landscape Painting

Two Gondoliers, Venice I
Two Gondoliers, Venice I


I don't know who designed it, but the gondolier's uniform makes them look good.  They always wear black trousers and shoes.  And they wear a polo or a T-shirt with stripes. I've seen two versions: red and white stripes or blue and white stripes.  Sometimes they put on a straw hat with a ribbon in a matching color with a stripe.

In an old city like Venice where buildings and streets (and canals) look more weathered than starkly clean or bright, gondolier's dark-colored outfit from waist down often fades into the background.  But it's the stripes of their shirt that sparkle.  That's where I try to leave the white of the paper when I paint them in watercolor.


Two Gondoliers, Venice, Italy I

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Media: Original watercolor on paper
Image Size: 8.25 x 11.5 in. (on 9 x 12 in. paper)
Mat/Frame: No
Purchase: Sold

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4 Responses to Two Gondoliers, Venice I, Italian Landscape Painting

Keiko Tanabe
Your kind comment is appreciated, Fabrizio! Thanks also for the link to your site. I enjoyed your unique style a lot.

tim tharp
Just was enjoying viewing some more of your work---just awesome! i love it!! anyway, hope all is well in your life! take care, tim

Keiko Tanabe
Thank you, Tim - it was nice to hear from you! Please forgive me for my late response; I've been traveling overseas in the last month or so. I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Best wishes, Keiko

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