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Market Day, Venice, Italy II, Italian Landscape Painting

Market Day, Venice, Italy II
Market Day, Venice, Italy II

Following the theme of my daily painting from yesterday, I am showing another piece that depicts a market scene.  What I aimed at in this particular piece was to see if I could tell a story without saying too much.  I wanted to create a somewhat mysterious picture with suggestions of elements strewn around.

Some of the elements needed for this story were: cooler and moist air giving way to a hot summer day; a feel of a morning market in an outdoor setting with merchants busily moving about; local people starting their daily routine in a residential neighborhood in Venice.  I also challenged myself to see if a maximum effect could be achieved by using a limited palette and a wider range of tonal values.

This is one of my paintings that are featured in the current American Artist/Watercolor magazine (summer, 2009).  Click on this link to read an online version of the article.

Market Day, Venice, Italy II

Media: Original watercolor on paper
Image Size: 8.25 x 11.5 in. (on 9 x 12 in. paper)
Purchase: Private Collection

Topics: Italian Landscapes | Markets | Publications | Sold Works | Venice Italy 



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Ramesh Jhawar
via ktanabefineart.com68 months ago

Again a wonderful painting!
Thank you so much Keiko for your good wishes and for your encouraging words.

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