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Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City II, Italian Landscape Painting

St-Peter's Square, Rome, Italy

I like meeting art-loving people who come to see my works and talk with me when I do an outdoor art show.  It's nice to see them enjoy my paintings in person (but sometimes they challenge me with difficult questions!).  In a relaxed atmosphere, our conversation often advances from art to other topics.  We share stories of our travels and families, friends and pets -- and feel the power of art that connects us on a very personal level. 

At an art show I did earlier this year, a rather quiet man in the 50s or early 60s purchased my original watercolor of Saint Peter's Square.  He said to me, "this painting brings me back memories... I used to live just around the corner (from the square).  It was a long time ago."  I was intrigued what had taken him to Vatican City some 20 or 30 years ago, but we didn't have time for a further discussion.

A little while later, he emailed me to say that he'd like to purchase a similar painting if I had any.  He told me that it'd be a gift for his late son's girlfriend who happened to spend some time not far from the square for her study.  There was no need to ask for missing puzzle pieces to put together his stories to understand that Saint Peter's Square was a very special place for him and his family.  I made this painting in honor of his son and donated it to his family.  I am now listening to a CD he sent me with soothing, lovely music his son had recorded before his passing.

Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City II

Media: Original watercolor on paper
Image Size: 7.5 x 9.5 in
Mat Size: 11 x 14 in
Purchase: Donated

Topics: Italian Landscapes | Rome Italy | Sold Works 



4 Responses to Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City II, Italian Landscape Painting

Robin Paul Weiss
via ktanabefineart.com68 months ago

A beautiful painting and a sweet gesture.....Well done Keiko!

Keiko Tanabe
via ktanabefineart.com68 months ago

Robin, thank you for your visit. I appreciate your kind comment.

Jocelyn Bichard
via ktanabefineart.com56 months ago

I love your work!!!! It is very inspiring.

I love doing landscapes and need to get back to them.

Keiko Tanabe
via ktanabe.fineartstudioonline.com56 months ago

Hi Jocelyn, thank you for posting your generous comment. Happy painting!

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