Arles, France III, French Landscape Painting

Arles, France III
Arles, France III


Arles always looks bigger than what it really is.  I think there are more visitors than its own people walking on the streets at any given time.  It is so interesting in so many different ways - history, art, geography, food and ambiance - it attracts people from all over the world.

Summer is a time for festivals and it attracts even more visitors.  The first Monday of July is Cocarde d'Or everyone in town is waiting for.  Men and boys are dressed up in cowboy outfits, and many ladies are in their traditional costumes of Provence.  In the days before this big day, excitement builds up as the town presents various festive events.  It's a celebration to begin a new season of bull-fighting unique in this region.  They actually call it bull-racing, not bull-fighting, as it is different from the Spanish-style.

 Bull races take place inside the Arenes of Arles.

Arles, France III (La Cocarde d'Or)

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Media: Original watercolor on paper
Image Size: 21 x 14 in.
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