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Paris Café XXXIII, French Landscape Painting

Paris Café XXXIII

Last fall, top ten colors were chosen as the most popular for Spring 2009.  It was a prediction made by Pantone, a company known for color systems for the design industry.  Designers, if not all, listen to what it says.  So they took note and probably incorporated the colors in their spring collections.

I didn't know about the Pantone's Fashion Color Report but I was surprised that I had used most of the ten colors, or pretty similar, in this painting of a cafe in Paris: Salmon Rose, Fuchsia Red, Rose Dust, Slate Gray, Lavender, Super Lemon, Lucite Green, Palace Blue... (By the way, my paints don't come with these fancy names).

In my cityscape paintings, I exaggerate, eliminate, enhance colors in any way I like.  But when I painted this piece, I tried to stay true to real colors I saw in the scene.  When the most popular colors for this spring can be found in just one snapshot of a street, Paris is indeed a fashion capital of the world. 

Paris Café XXXIII

Media: Original watercolor on paper
Image Size: 6 x 10 in.
Mat/Frame: Yes/No
Mat Size: 10 x 15 in.
Purchase: Sold

Topics: Cafés & Restaurants | French Landscapes | Paris Café | Paris France | Sold Works 



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